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Why are we in Iraq?

Weapons of Mass Destruction that are not there?

Inspectors have found none of the weapons announced with such alarm as a threat to the United States, its allies or Iraq's neighbors. Reports of chemical and biological weapon stockpiles have been discredited or have failed to be substantiated. There is no evidence that Iraq had an active nuclear weapons program. All of the Bush administration's claims of uranium sales and nuclear use of aluminum tubes were discredited before they used them to argue for war.

The U.N. couldn't do the job?

The U.N. did not get the chance. The U.N. asked for time for weapons inspectors - The US  administration, unable to find the weapons, (of which they assured us they knew the exact location) tells us to give them time. The United Nations is the moral and credible choice for oversight of the democratization of Iraq and reconstruction in the best interest of the Iraqi people.

Democracy for the Iraqi People that is not real?

The Iraqi people are experiencing a military occupation - not liberation. Unemployment is rampant. Foreign corporations (Mostly U.S. companies) use cheap labor from outside of Iraq to rebuild the country. Iraqis are precluded or discouraged from participating in their own reconstruction.

The media is controlled by the U.S. Elections have been postponed even at the most local level as the U.S. hand picks leaders, many from outside Iraq.

Decisions are made without them. Plans made prior to the war involve the mass privatization of virtually every Iraq government asset and the rewriting of regulations and tax codes. There is little about Iraqi participation in the decision-making process.

Because Saddam Hussein was brutalizing his own people?

There had been no change in his activities from when The U.S. actively supported him. When he gassed the Kurdish people of Iraq we sent him support. We provided weapons to Iraq during the Iran/Iraq war.

What about 9/11 & Al Qaeda?

No 9/11 terrorist was from Iraq The people suffering in Iraq now were not those people!

No intelligence connects Saddam Hussein with those who committed the atrocity of flying planes full of people into buildings full of people on September 11, 2001.

There is no evidence that Saddam Hussein was working with Al Qaeda.

We need to support our troops.

Yes… Bring them home!

American service-men & women are sent into harms way in Iraq with no clear idea of when they will come home to their families and jobs. They have been misled, mistreated & betrayed by broken promises. Support them:

Supply them adequately for orders they are given & for their safety. Troops often purchase their own radios & other items to augment insufficient equipment issued by the military. They are issued a diet of "Ready to Eat" meals that would be unacceptable to most of us even once. Safe drinking water is limited.

Protect their health. In addition to the usual dangers of war, soldiers are exposed daily to dust contaminated with depleted uranium from U.S. bombs. Veterans health care has been effectively cut in the Bush budget.

Be honest. The cost of this war in terms of soldiers returning home severely wounded is being hidden and understated.

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