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Having worked hard to try to avoid and protest the U.S. war against Iraq, GLNAWI is committed to continuing to work against the policies that brought that war about. So in April 2003 GLNAWI changed our name and broadened our mission.

The Greater Lansing Network Against War & Injustice promotes nonviolent solutions to international conflicts and advocates policies that promote human rights and civil liberties to ensure a just and democratic world.

GLNAWI works to:

  • connect groups and individuals
  • increase participation in actions
  • originate common action
  • support and publicize the actions and events of participating groups.

GLNAWI Nonviolent Actions Policy

GLNAWI usually meets from 7 to 9 p.m. on the first and third Monday of each month.  See calendar for location.


Contact us
(517) 410-1243
(517) 281-7942



GLNAWI  has two LIST SERVES  or YAHOO GROUPS. You may join both list serves!   Both are located in www.yahoogroups.com.  One is for discussion of issues.  Yahoogroups lists glnawi-discussion@yahoogroups.com in their Politics category.  The other is for local announcements and planning.  Yahoogroups lists glnawi@yahoogroups.com in their Peace and Nonviolence category

Listserve # 1
This is a moderated list serve for messages, local announcements, business relating to the work
of the Greater Lansing Network Against War and Injustice (GLNAWI). Anyone interested in
GLNAWI business and announcements may join. Only designated active members can post. If
you are interested in being invited to join this yahoogroup list, send an e-mail note to:

Listerve #2
This is an unmoderated list serve for discussions about peace and justice related issues. Anyone
who joins can post messages. It is a high volume public discussion list, for posting general
information and for reasonable, respectful discussion about current events. Attachments will be
rejected by yahoogroups.  The discussion group asks that URL's be used to point people to
articles of interest. Please do not copy and paste the whole article. If you are interested in joining
glnawi-discussion send a blank e-mail message to:

1) One handy feature regarding yahoo groups is the delivery preference options. The simplest is individual messages, which makes it easy to reply to a single message and to manage your email.   However,  you can also choose to read messages only on the group site (the no email option), or you can choose the daily digest option, which will combine all individual messages sent in a single day into a single email message. If you choose the daily digest option and wish to reply to one of the messages in the digest, please delete from your reply any messages you aren't replying to AND include a descriptive subject line. 

2) Any group member with a yahoo ID can access the group main page,  add links to good web sites, add  photos of GLNAWI events, or add events to a web calendar. Also all the messages ever posted on the site remain stored there. To get to the site, go to www.yahoogroups.com OR
go to  www.yahoo.com and click on the word "groups". To sign in, you  will need to remember the yahoo ID and password you used  when you originally registered for the group. Type in your yahoo ID and password, and your own  personal "yahoo groups" page will come up, including a
list of all  your groups in yahoo. If you do not have a yahoo ID, they are free and include access to a free web-based email account.  Free accounts do include advertising, but it is possible opt out of email solicitations.


Some groups that have  sponsored GLNAWI activities in the past

Baloch-Kurdish Human Rights International
Christian Friends of Muslims & Arabs
Church of the Brethren, Lansing
Church World Service/CROPWALK
Cristo Rey Church Catholic Church Edgewood United Church of Christ
Fellowship for Today
Greater Lansing Jewish Peace Initiative

Greater Lansing Youth for Peace and Justice (GLYPAJ)
Green Party, Capital Area Chapter
Groundwork for a Just World
Hemp Cycle
Islamic Society of Greater Lansing
Lansing Call to Action
Lansing Peace Coalition
Michigan Peace Team
MSU Faculty, Students, Staff Coalition Against War in Iraq (FSSC)
MSU Mennonite Fellowship
MSU Students for Peace and Justice
New Mount Calvary Baptist Church
Pax Christi Lansing
Pax Christi Michigan
Peace Education Center
People for Positive Social Change (LCC)
Physicians for Social Responsibility, 
            MSU student chapter
Red Cedar Friends Meeting
Shalom Center for Justice and Peace, United Methodist Church
Social Action Committee, Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lansing
St. John's Student Parish
St. Stephen Community Church
Students for Economic Justice
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Xicano Development Center