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GLNAWI meeting minutes, 5/2/05, U.U. Church Chair: Judith Notetaker: Kathie

Item: Do we want to change the 5/16 meeting at the request of Billionares for Bush & PEC?
Decision: No, we’ll meet and those who want to go to the Las Vegas Social Security Gamble night should proceed.

Item: Mothers (Anti-war) Day visit to Stabenow’s office, Maya Angelou, petitions.
Decision: Yes, Friday a.m.  a delegation of us will go to her office with: a bouquet of flowers, handwritten letters from mothers (about war, etc), copies of both the immediate withdrawal and the anti-torture petitions, and a copy of the original  Mothers Day Proclamation (which we will read in her office).  Waiting to hear back from Maya to find out if she will be joining us.  Details on the time to meet will be sent out via email.

Item: G.WW3 Bush will be speaking at Calvin College commencements May 21st in the afternoon.
Decision: Karen will try to get more info on demonstrations. Agenda item for 5/16.

Item: Sponsorship Peace By Peace with Naba Saleem Hamid  6/24-6/26. $1,000 needed to cover costs. Then all the $ raised can go to New Horizons for Women/Iraqi Women Network.  Planning mtngs: Th. 5/12 & Th. 5/26 @ 6:00 pm at the UNA Center.
Decision: Yes, GLNAWI will sponsor $100 toward the event & help organize, promote etc.

Item: Endorsement of United for Peace and Justice Statement of Purpose
Decision: Yes! GLANWI sign and will join the network. 

Item: Approval of GLNAWI Israel-Palestine efforts focusing on working with and promoting Coalition of Women for Peace & ICAHD both groups work to end the violence in Palestine & Israel. Both orgs have MI contacts.
Decision Yes! We will collaborate with them.  Meeting Mon @ 6:30 at Ken’s house to view films and discuss further actions

Item: Outreach: festivals, etc.
Decision: We will investigate and try to set up tables or walk with petitions at different events. Agenda item for 5/16.

Item:  Web page. There is now a Community Activities of interest calendar- topics not necessarily sponsored by GLNAWI. Is it okay to post?
Decision: Agreement that this is a good idea.

Item: Does GLNAWI want to work on GLBTQ Rights – discrimination is a huge social justice issue.
Decision: Subcommittee formed to work on a position to be brought foward to general meeting.: Gary Regina Margaret Kathie Ann

Item: Free Speech Rally.  Will bought a sound system. 
Decision: We will work on finding a specific focus to organize around.

Item: Childcare. Yes, it is scheduled for the 5/16 mtng.

GLNAWI Regular Meeting, 4-18-05 Chair & Note-taker; Jack Smith

Item: Upcoming speaker, Jimmy Massey, 4-19-05 Decision: Send 4 representatives to collect signatures, urge all to attend

Item: Upcoming event, The Case Against Torture, 4-20-05 Decision: Send 4 representatives to collect signatures, urge all to attend

Item: Upcoming event, Sudan Colloquium, 5-13-05 Decisions: Urge all to attend, reimburse Ken for $40 (half of his expenses), GLNAWI will co-sponsor, but no sponsorship funds were requested

Item: 500 signatures to Immediate Withdrawal petition are ready to send; Consider the draft cover letter Decision: Accept the cover letter attached to 500 signatures; send to President Bush, Senators Levin and Stabenow, and Representatives Rogers and Schwartz. We will organize small delegations to hand deliver signature copies and letter. Next batch of signed petitions will be mailed in an “odd lot,” not an even number like 500 or 1000. The cover letter will cited both the past signatures delivered and the new count.

Item: Upcoming event, Women for Peace speaker from Iraq, latter part of June Decision: We agreed to help with the event

Item: Do we want to join the United for Peace and Justice national networ.  Decision: All members are urged to read the UPJ Unity statement on the web, send any comments to the list-serve, and come to the 5-2-05 regular meeting ready to discuss joining UPJ or not.

Item: Update on childcare Decision: People at the meeting agreed to help out if childcare provider could not be found.

Item: Outreach Decision: Send representatives to collect signatures at community events next week

Item: Israel-Palestine group will be meeting and bringing back recommendations for the 5-2-05 meeting.

Next regular GLNAWI meeting, 5-2-05 UU

GLNAWI meeting 3/7/05, U.U. church, approx. 30 present

Immediate Withdrawal petition
Send full petitions to Bob Wasserman:  2796 Buglers Way, E.Lansing, 48823. We already have 300’s of signatures!  Keep ‘em coming.

GLNAWI has a DBA .

Lansing Police Dept.:  Overwhelming vote of no to their escort of March 19th Car Caravan, due to critical mass request and other concerns.  They will be in the vicinity in any case.  Aaron will let them know our ‘no thank you’

Decisions to provide childcare at meetings if possible.

Next meeting: 3/19 planning mtng Monday 3/14, 7:00 at UU3/21 meeting cancelled. Next regular GLNAWI mtng 4/4, 7:00 at UU.

GLNAWI Meeting - February 5, 2005 Meeting at Unitarian Universalist Church, East Lansing


 Annemarie and Dee were thanked for for their work as treasurers of GLNAWI.


The following volunteers will help coordinate FCNL Lobby Day, small group visits to members of congress when they will be in their home districts during the week of Feb 19-27:

            Margaret K.     -  Faith Community

            Margaret N.     -  GLNAWI

            Sayrah              - Veterans and military families


Petitions – We are actively collecting signatures on two petitions:

            1. Immediate and orderly withdrawal from Iraq

            2. Prosecute Bush and Rumsfeld - Torture is unacceptable

                        We are also continuing to send postcards about torture

 Discussion and Planning for March 19th Lansing Action (2nd anniversary of invasion of Iraq). Jack led the discussion.


Before the regular GLNAWI meeting, a small group met at 6 pm to discuss plans for March 19. They had consensus that we should: 1) have a presence at the Capitol (have reserved east steps for 10 am to 4 pm);  2) have a session/activity on the local costs of the war (cuts to MI programs); 3) have a message – Cost of the war; End the occupation now; Do something positive; other?;  4) find a coordinator (leader) for this event.


Margaret N. would like to include military families we met at Eyes Wide Open exhibit.


Kathie would like to create something positive – global family for peace (circle, theater, visuals)


A  march, bike and car ride, walk, parade??

Judith (or someone) suggested having a car caravan (decorated cars), similar to the anti torture activity. Sayrah suggested that Critical Mass has done and could do a bike ride; bikes and then cars on a route perhaps from the Capitol to East Lansing or vice versa. She said we could use one lane of Michigan Ave without needing permission from the city. Others thought we should continue sharing our plans with the Lansing police to keep up the good relationship we have with them. Women in Black could be part of the march, caravan and/or bike ride. And drumming, banners, signs.


Activities, protest rally, speakers, music??

There was discussion about activities at the beginning (at the Capitol) and at the destination of a march (East Lansing). If parking and a location for activities are problems in East Lansing, Becky suggested starting in E. Lansing and ending at the Capitol. Do we want to have a tent and tables for activities? Ken said he thinks the ending after a caravan should be a protest rally (with media), not a film or indoor activity.

There was a positive response to the suggestion that we ask Pat Madden to sing. Kathie suggested having additional music, of a different type.


Immediate needs:

Find rallying place in East Lansing

Find sponsors

Think of ideas for events, activities on March 19, 10 am to 4 pm


Our next regular meeting will be Feb 21 at Central Methodist

An extra meeting for March 19th planning will be held Tuesday, Feb 15th, at 7 pm at UUC.

GLNAWI on January 3, 2005 at Unitarian Universalist Church - Minutes of Meeting
The meeting was called to order by Margaret K.
The agenda was adopted with additions.
Committee Reports
Stop Torture - Jack S.
Petitions with 350 signatures have been sent to Rep Rogers, Sens Levin and Stabenow, Pres Bush, Sec of Def Rumsfeld and Rep Sensenbrenner, Chair, Judiciary Comm.  250 additonal signatures are ready to send.  Anti-torture ads were placed in City Pulse, Community News and State News.
Israel - Palestine - Jack S.
Sudan, Congo - Ken H.

PEC-GLNAWI meeting
GLNAWI will be autonomous and will have a separate bank account. GLNAWI will be able to be more politically active; GLNAWI does mostly non-partisan work, but decided not to jeopardize PEC's status by any partisan lobbying activity. The two organizations will work cooperatively in most other areas:  newsletter, calendar.   GLNAWI's new treasurer is Judith Bommer

MOTION I:  Ann F. moved that the group going to Sen. Levin's office be granted permission to speak on behalf of GLNAWI's members.  PASSED.
 GLNAWI  members are urged to participate in Martin Luther King, Fri-Mon, Jan 14-17  MOTION II:  Bob A moved that the next GLNAWI meeting be changed from Jan 17 to Jan 24 to accomodate attending the MLK, Jr march and play on the evening of Jan 17 (Beaumont Tower to Wharton Center, 6 p.m.) PASSED. Please note: The GLNAWI meeting will be held in the Assembly Hall of the Unitarian Universalist Church (handicapper accessible from Grove Street).

MOTION III:  Margaret N. moved that we use AFSC peition calling for Immediate Withdrawal petition.  Ken H seconded.  PASSED.