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 MEETING NOTES 12/20/04 Central United Methodist Church.
John M., chair & Ken H, notetaker

1.Our first item, after approving the agenda, was a report from Jack on the Israel-Palestine Committee. The goals of the committee are to further our knowledge about the relevant issues, both for ourselves and the community; to support non-violent actions that would advance the cause of peace; to pressure our elected representatives. In that light the committee considered the appropriateness of using a film viewed Dec 19 by a number of committee members, called Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land. Jack recommended use of the film, with appropriate framing, to support organizations within the region. The film deals with the conditions of the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, and the biased manner in which those conditions are reported. Discussion focused on the possibility of generating a film series, or further supporting the Palestinian students’ film series, under the aegis of diversity activities on campus. The notion of focusing on the occupation as a key issue was reiterated. We determined the need to check with LCC organizations to see what interest they would also have.

2.The Sudan committee: Ken reported we had not met or contemplated new actions since our fundraiser, which, incidentally, raised a total of $2,000 from all the fundraising activities, for support in Darfur. The question was raised whether we ought to be contacting Christian churches in Grand Rapids that have already indicated their desire to support Sudanese refugees, such as the Lost Boys in our area.

Ken then reported the disastrous recent statistics for the Democratic Republic of Congo (simply Congo), in which the latest report indicates 3.8 million deaths since 1998 as a result of the fighting in the eastern regions of the country. 31,000 people are dying there every month; this compares with 10,000 dying in Darfur every month. There was support for the notion of making this an issue of GLNAWI to address.

3.Report by Phil on the meeting with the Peace Education Center. It was mutually agreed that GLNAWI would sever its economic link to the PEC by closing its checkbook account with the PEC. The major concern turned on the conditions required for a 501c3, which entailed limits on lobbying or advocating for a candidate. GLNAWI will now seek a way to establish its own independent account. However, despite this severance, there was unanimous agreement that GLNAWI should continue to collaborate with the PEC in every way possible for future actions. Phil reported the PEC was generally in agreement with this postion. This might include notices of GLNAWI actions in the PEC newsletter or monthly calendar.

4.Future directions of GLNAWI. The list agreed upon from the previous meeting entailed more than 60 actions. It was agreed that Margaret would vet the list and try to collate similar items for future discuss. A limited discussion of some key issues ensued. In response to a letter from Jack concerning torture, Representative Mike Rogers mentioned GlNAI, indicating his growing awareness of our activities and lobbying. It was stated that we needed to continue our campaign on torture. The idea of promoting a mock trial of Bush and Rumsfeld was discussed, with some advocating the position that it might work better if we could bring those who would represent the Bush administration’s position at the trial, turning it from a mock trial into something like a debate. A committee was formed to pursue ideas.

Another notion was that we promote a theme a month, and that the signage at the vigil reflect those themes. One such theme was “End the Occupation: Israel/Iraq”

Discussion of an Inaugural Day protest: the Cadillac Club on south Washington in Lansing will be the venue for a “Billionaires for Bush” gathering at 5:30, Jan 20. There was great enthusiasm at the idea of dressing “to kill” and appearing in a limo—even for GLNAWI to rent a limo and publicize the event.

The Students for Economic Justice and Direct Action will participate in a bus ride to DC for an Inaugural day protest, along with other buses from Ann Arbor and elsewhere.

Further support for activities of PEC Youth and Military Task Force in opposing any future draft, and in informing students about the military. There was a report of 5,500 soldiers going AWOL, or going “North.”

5. The Michigan Peace Team will present an evening with Huwaida Arraf and Adam Shapiro, co-founders of the International Solidarity Movement, along with Liz Walters and Peter Dougherty, on Tuesday Dec 28. From 5-7 p.m. there will be a reception and photo exhibit “Eyewitness to Gaza,” and at 7:oo p.m. a presentation and panel discussion. Location: St Mary’s Antiochian Orthodox Church, 18100 Merriman, Livonia (between 6 and 7 mile rds). Adults $10, students $5.

5.Margaret N. announced that she will moderate the GLNAWI list (not GLNAWI-discussion); the former list is for internal discussions on organization, not generally posted messages.

6. The Friday vigil will continue this Friday. In addition, there will be a sign making party on Jan 10, 4:00-7:00, venue to be announced. Supplies for signs will be provided; big signs, posterboard, foamboard signs, etc. to be painted/created.

7. Next meeting at UU church on January 3, to be chaired by Margaret, with notes by Regina.

Marget K. chair; Elise H. notes

*FUTURE DIRECTION OF GLNAWI - Questions to be answered:
1: greatest accomplishments of GLNAWI  2: should GLNAWI continue to exist? 3. issues we should work on 4. what actions are important?
[5. *weaknesses* added]

The 2 successful anti-war marches at beginning of 2003
Trip to DC
24-hour vigil on anniversary
Eyes Wide Open
Like-minded people together as a large voice for peace
Weekly vigil as a constant presence
Initial coming-together                                               
Continued networking
Our actions, inclusiveness,  non-violent commitment and absence of bureaucracy
Broad sense of Community
Sense of  HOPE
Continued Protest against Torture
Awareness that  we do have a support group of people who want to make a difference
GLNAWI is the center of progressive politics without partisan politics
Opposing Bush, Palestine and Sudan "problems"
Our outreach is  beyond the ordinary
Meeting in Lansing & East Lansing builds community strength
GLNAWI'S  constant activity & visibility: not a month has gone without an action
So many people have been given an outlet here
Conviction is fostered here
GLNAWI is the activist group hereabouts
Consistent foundation of non-violence, which is the world we want
Women in Black going to the offices of Levin, Stabenow and Rogers, allowing women to spin off in other ways
Website that is kept up
Memories of the Vietnam era bring tears to my eyes:  this is the best  group ever
Trust -  we've been able to build because of GLNAWI, thus new avenues have been opened
We have been visible in the community, an anchor point, the moral center,  a safe sandbar
Unique to sit with those who /*see as I see
Bringing our groups together has brought us all strength; I'm very
Expressing the protests: I couldn't do it alone
Expand the name to Great Lakes not just Greater Lansing, may expand our group and make a bigger impression on Washington
We always push the limits and grapple with new issues, such as Proposition 2
I've been stretched intellectually, touched emotionally, developed community with kindred spirits. GLYPAJ means so much to me
Lansing State Journal would have endorsed Rogers /without GLNAWI
Unique to sit around a table with people who think like you do
Enjoyed group - a lot of fun.


Are we connected with other peace groups?
Media fuels lies of people in power, is embedded in pockets of power
We must get out of  all countries
We should oppose the administration's neo-imperialist policies
Our moral authority has been lost because of this administration
Even with a better president, we will still need to work on Peace &  Justice
We must be *prophetic*, like R F K Jr. He covered all the bases. We must bring the Light of Truth, so all can see the lies
Keep our eyes on the policies of dominative power. As Jonathan Schell says, "Bring all the troops home".
Palestine is the central issue on planet; piggy-back on nat'l campaigns like MoveOn
World Bank & Int'l Monetary Fund  do such vitally important [not nice] actions
Educate Democratic Party - Pro Peace candidates
Be aware of violence against Women & Children
Get out into the schools
150 Portland High school students signed a petition to get the military out of their school._
Jan 12,  PEC's Youth&Military/* invites you to meet about options to the Draft
The power of our words: *Occupation of Palestine & Iraq. Be conscious of our use of words, their importance
Occupation and don't forget past  -- memory and conscious
We must rid our world of the following ideas: "White makes right, Might makes right, Rich makes right"
Address the origins rather than the symptoms of War:  profiteers, Patriot Act,
No holiday shopping all next week
Connect with all who don't want their children in war
Health Care, Wages, Migrant workers
Concentrate on injustice not war. Get our democracy back from powerful interests
Who in
Michigan is making money on war?
Focus on Affective vs. symbolic actions -- reach military families, ocket books, world policy movement offers alternatives.

We'll order more signs [agreed]. $100 needed to update website. [agreed]
ACLU put forward FOIA re: FBI investigation of activist peace groups. We can sign paper about this
Annemarie H. resigning as treasurer, Judith B. taking over
Anabel 2 meetings here: 12/7,  6p.m,various issues;13th here, 6p.m GLNAWI & PEC
Earth Charter Mtg 12/7,4:30 Espresso Royale
HotelRwand free film Wells Hall Friday 10th - Human Rights Day
Adam Shapiro of Int'l Solidarity Movement  coming Tues. Dec. 28th to Detroit, carpool with Michigan Peace Team

Task Forces continue. Rally age to the cause. Peace Movement is now older.
Islam/Muslims now being targeted
End Occupations, End Torture, End Violence
We need more restful activities and to reach out further into our community.
Rekindle our network, maintain connections, organize community, formulate
position on *NO WAR*
End the 2 occupations, join Michigan Peace Teams Spring, Summer, Fall
Build relationships with military families [Eyes Wide Open was so transforming]
Study Group [read books together]
Find common ground with people of "different understandings"
Dept of Defense recently acknowledged many more injured troops
Families for Progressive Policies also doing book group
Plan to recognize March 20

Next Meeting December 20, Central Methodist  Church, John M. chair

MEETING NOTES, GLNAWI meeting 11-15-04
Chair: Phil B. Note-taker: Jack S.
The Sudan Fund-Raiser (10-30-04) Ken H. reported. Thanks to all involved. Funds raised: $1400. Unexpected cost incurred with one musician: $125 Decision: Pass the hat at this meeting; make up the rest from the GLNAWI treasury

GLNAWI Table at the Women in the Arts Festival at Edgewood Church Ann F. reported. Great event. 90 signatures on the anti-torture petition. Lots of anti-torture postcards filled out; lots of positive support. Proceeds after expenses: $132.

GLNAWI Table at the Peace Education Center Holiday Sale. We will do a table from 10 to 5pm. Jack will get the materials and do the set-up. Sign-up sheet passed around. $25 fee waived by Anabel D.; PEC owes GLNAWI for past (shared) table

Israel-Palestine Work Jack S.reported. Group met at 6pm before the meeting. Seeking partners (organizations) for I-P work. Seeking film to co-sponsor with MSU Jewish and Palestinian groups

Web-Site Issues Discussion of two URLs: "" and "". Names up for renewal.Decision: Continue both; use "" on publications

Paper Mail -Regina F. summarized and circulated paper mail received lately

Joint Meeting with the Peace Education Center Board. Phil B. relayed communication from the PEC Board to GLNAWI.  PEC Board requested a meeting. GLNAWI representatives will meet with PEC Board in early December. Discussion of the desirability of maintaining 501c3 status through PEC. No resolution of the issue

Future Direction for GLNAWI. Discussion of the need for clearer direction and goals for GLNAWI for 2005. Decision: Move up the "directions" meeting from January 2005 to December 2004  Meeting with this single focus: December 6th, 7pm, UU Church. Call representatives of sponsoring organizations to attend. Jack will work with Margaret make phone calls

Emergency Falluja Action .Discussion of the massive destruction in Falluja without protest in our community. Decision: March to Rogers office at 1pm on Friday, 11-19, after the noon vigil John M. and Ken organize

Central United Methodist Church  Chair: Annemarie Notetaker: Kathie
Next meeting:  Mon. Nov. 15. Central Methodist  (November 1 Meeting canceled) chair: Phil, note-taker: Jack

Announcements: Documentary Film Premiere of Peace Stories Produced in Lansing by Petra Daher Benefit for Michigan Peace Team 7:30: Courage under Fire: Exposing the Occupation (30 minutes) about the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) and the Palestinian non-violence movement  8:15Freedom of Speech: Michigan says No to War (1 hour) reg. the Michigan Peace Movement responding to war w/ protest coverage & interviews

Thursday Oct 28th, 6:30-11:00p.m., Magdalena’s Tea House, 2006 Michigan Avenue

People for Positive Social Change will show Fahrenheit 9-11 Sat. 10/25 2:00-5:00 rm 129 Old Central, Lansing Community College

Las Abejas Chiapas: non-violence movement, fair trade coffee McDonel Hall kiva, MSU

MSU Palestinian Student Organization is showing the film Palestine is Still an Issue Tuesday, Oct.19, 7:30 pm @ rm 104 Wells Hall, MSU And will continue w/ films every Tuesday p.m. through til Nov. 23rd, same time & place

SUDAN FUNDRAISER CONCERT - HIGH PRIORITY - OCTOBER 30th see main web page for details  See report bnelow.

ACLU of Michigan to file a FOIA on behalf of GLNAWI.  Permission granted.
Disarm Conference, Sat Oct. 30th, 12:00-4:00, Communication Arts, MSU Keynote speaker Freida Berrigan, World Policy Institute, w/ panel, lunch (free), etc. GLNAWI will co-sponsor. (

CIRCE Women's in Art Festival  at Edgewood Church Nov. 13 .  Agreement to spend $40 for table if we are ready (need more stuff to sell!)  Ann, AnneMarie, Quess, Kathie

Alternative Holiday sale@ Peace Ed ctr. Nov. 20, 9:00-4:00. Jackie is coordinating.  GLNAWI would like to have a table.

Voted $491 to place anti-torture campaign ads in City Pulse, State News,  Lansing Community News.


Youth Conscience and Military conferences:  both were great! Military myths, economic alternatives, c.o., etc.  Draft bill was voted down.

ACLU of  MI wants to submit a FOIA on our behalf to find out about investigations or infiltrations of GLNAWI, as part of a national effort to educate public on fed. agency surveillance. Any peace and justice group that would like to contact reg. this:  They are sending individual requests; you get a copy of it. Response time varies 30 days to ? months. Folks are organizing to show the Robert Greenwald film Unconstitutional and possibly have ACLU speakers.

Israel Palestine Committee: looking for films to show with broad sponsorship

Sudan Committee:  Oct. 30, 7:30 pm @ Central United Methodist church All Hallows Jazz: benefit for aid to Sudan featuring the Bill Bastian Quartet. Diego Rivera to make appearance.  Sudanese speaker.. Cost: $15, students $5 Needs:  promote, show up, set up (6:00-7:30), take down, work concession stands, cook for bake sale.  There will be pre-ticket sales. Also looking for additional cosponsorship (current: GLNAWI, Shalom Center for Justice and Peace Shrikumar: International Services Committee will donate the $300.00 for costs. Sayrah is working with press.  A sub-committee will look into aid org’s to assess where the needs are.

 Peace Ed. Center wrote letter: GLNAWI shall make no further rent payments, There will be discussion of finance soon.  Committee:  Annemarie, Ken, Jack, Ann, Phil Also need to figure out 501-c3 benefits, etc, and cooperative calendars, etc. Guide Star is a resource, and Office of Foreign Asset control reg. banned orgs & peoples.

Yard signs:  we still have 75  peace, no war, another family for peace.  Need to get them out by election!!! Whatever leftovers will come to Jazz concert.   Also 1,000 anti-torture postcards remaining.  Petition will get placed as ad (e.g. 3oo+ people signed this) in City Pulse, State News, and Town Courier.  Ken motion: $491 to pay for these ads, Jack 2nd, unanimous. Ken, Jack, Kate Shrikumar to work on this.

Coalition for a Fair Michigan see discussion group for actions to take.  Callers and canvassers need.

MSU rape epidemic:  initial meeting w/ 2 board trustees, asking for appropriate response:  education, awareness, lighting, alcohol, etc. They seem receptive.  Need to act quickly:  contact Kathie at to get involved.

Michigan Battered Women’s Clemency Project rally was well attended & powerful.  To help, google Michigan Battered Women’s Clemency Project, and write letter to Granholm, or donate w/ time or money

GLNAWI made $85.00 at Eyes Wide Open table!

GLNAWI meeting notes for October 4, 2004 at UUC.
Chairman, Ken H.; Notetaker, Janet L.

1.       Capital Area Greens will present a two-hour video compilation by Frank Dorrel Oct. 6 at 6:30 at East Lansing Public Library, "What I've learned about U.S. foreign policy: The war against the Third World.":

2.       Michigan Battered Women's Clemency Project will hold a rally Fri., Oct. 8 at noon in front of the MI State Capitol Bldg.  LCC People for Positive Social Change will have a rally 9-11 a.m. Oct. 8.

3.        Anne Marie has made a list of MI Regional Peace and Justice Organizations. She will be glad to share this list, and she invited suggestions and help for keeping it current and comprehensive

4.       Palestinian film series will begin Tuesday, Oct. 12, with "Rana's Wedding." Films will be shown at Wells Hall. Plans are for two films in October and four in November.

5.       74 people attended a lecture by Abdelsallam Najjar on Friday, Oct. 1 at the MSU Union, "Israelis and Palestinians Living in Peace." 

6.       Poll watchers needed for November 2

7.       Peace Signs and Vote No on Proposal 2 signs are available at peace vigil or by sending and e-mail to . Signs can be delivered.


 A. "Eyes Wide Open" – (Ann F. reporting) It is estimated that attendance was 3,000 to 4,000. Advance publicity was excellent, and there was great media response.  (Margaret N. brought copies of many articles about the Lansing exhibit from newspapers all over the country.) Frank D. took 50 photos of the event. The exhibit was very powerful. It was well presented and well received. Only a few complaints from people who said the exhibit dishonored U.S. troops or exploited their suffering. There was no presence or action of protest during the exhibit. At least six Michigan families who lost someone in the war attended the exhibit. Quess D.suggested we have follow-up contact with these families to express our caring. Abed B. said we should follow up and strengthen the bond with the Muslim community that the exhibit fostered. Elise H. asked Abed to ask his community for ideas of an event for maintaining this contact.

B. Treasurer's Report. (Annemarie reporting) GLNAWI's current balance is $1,165.58. Recent income came from Jazz and Blues Festivals, $840; and Eyes Wide Open exhibit. Fundraising for Sudan relief totaled $767. These funds have gone to Doctors without Borders, World Food Program and World Church Service.  Group discussed need for clarification about rent being paid to PEC.  Jackie and Elise will seek clarification for GLNAWI.

C. Sudan Committee. (Ken H. reporting) The committee is working on plans for a jazz concert October 30. Still need confirmation on venue and performers. Will need GLNAWI help on publicity, selling tickets, and volunteers at the concert. A motion was passed that GLNAWI provide $100 for publicity for a concert to raise funds for humanitarian relief in Sudan.  See for information and actions to take.

D. Anti Torture Campaign The committee will continue to obtain signatures on petitions; and get people to send more postcards. The committee is working on a paid ad for newspapers. And looking for opportunities to collect signatures and distribute postcards.

E. Israel-Palestine (Abed B. reporting)  Committee is meeting to implelemt actions based on GLNAWI’s position. See for GLNAWI’s position and working paper on Israel-Palestine.

F. Frank D. suggested organizing an MSU Evening College course on Peace and Justice Issues.  Many suggestions were made for possible topics.


The Greater Lansing Area Network Against War and Injustice met at the Central Methodist Church in Lansing at 7 p.m.   Margaret K. moderated. Frank D. noteaker

Plans for the Eyes Wide Open (EWO) program at the Capitol on September 30 was the major topic for discussion.  Ann F. outlined the program, including publicity, program, assignments, and requests for volunteers for various tasks in setting up, taking down, and maintaining the display, reading the lists of both Coalition and Iraqi casualties, manning information booths, etc.  Jack S. provided a plan for set-up at the Capitol and asked for suggestions. The financial goal of $ 4000 has been met by contributions from organizations and individuals. The planning committee will meet again at 7 p.m. on Sunday, 26 September.

A candle-light ceremony will be held at the Capitol on Wednesday evening 29 September to welcome the Eyes Wide Open Exhibit.

Israel Palestine Committee actions will be talken up after EWO

Sudan Committee - 3000-5000 Sudanese refugees are dying each week, and that Janjiweed attacks continue, with government support.  The U.N. has issued ultimata, but the Security Council is limited in what it can do.  The most practical option at present is providing money for relief.  Committee is working on fundraiser concert.

Youth and Military Conference was a huge success/  Attendance exceeded expectations

Anti Torture Campaign - Several persons commented on responses to postal cards sent to government representatives regarding Abu Graib

GLNAWI table at Jazz Festival a huge success.  GLNAWI has a beautiful new banner thanks to Gary N. And Judith B. of Fellowhip for Today.    A collection was taken at this meeting to partially compensate Judith for the cost.

A program is planned at Erickson Kiva on Michigan Indian Day – Friday, 25 September 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

Proposal 2  is to be voted on in November. Information is available at www.CoaltionForA