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GLNAWI and Nonviolent Action
GLNAWI's mission statement stresses principles of non-violence in its actions opposing war and injustice. In order to promote safety and to protect our freedoms of speech and assembly, and to insure that the non-violent intent of the protest will not be compromised, GLNAWI urges the following understanding for participants in GLNAWI activities:
  1. Our words, symbols, and signs will convey respect towards all persons, including police officers, military personnel, members of the larger community, and those who may join in our actions.
  2. We will refrain from yelling, arguing and the use of angry or offensive language or gestures.
  3. We will carry no weapons.
  4. We will not vandalize private or public property.
  5. We will not use or carry alcohol or illegal drugs before or during 
    the march.
  6. We will not run or otherwise make threatening motions that may disrupt the activity (march, vigil, picket, etc.)  or be interpreted as such.
  7. We will refuse to retaliate with violence if threatened and will find nonviolent ways to deal with conflict.
  8. We will protect those who oppose us from insult and attack.
  9. We will honor the emergency decisions of empowered representatives.