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To: Senator Carl Levin, Senator Debbie Stabenow, Representative Mike Rogers & Representative Nick Smith

We, the undersigned affirm the following four points concerning war in Iraq and the domestic “front” of the war on terrorism. We request your active support of these points in your conduct as our representatives.

#1 The basis for the United States’ intervention in Iraq was wrong and illegal. The Bush doctrine, as expressed in the National Security Strategy, that the United States has the right to intervene unilaterally and militarily to overthrow governments, violates international law and the democratic spirit of our Constitution.

Rationale:  Iraq was not a threat to the United States, its allies, or its neighbors when it was attacked. Its conventional offensive capability was severely weakened by the first Gulf War and the ensuing sanctions. There is no evidence that it reengaged its nuclear weapons program, and no conclusive evidence that it reacquired significant biological or chemical weapons. The case for war was largely fabricated or exaggerated. Finally, although the Saddam Hussein regime was deplorable and committed crimes against its own population, the case for an intervention at that time had not been made, and would have required a Security Council resolution to become lawful.

#2 The post-war reconstruction of Iraq should be based on the need to serve Iraqi interests, not American economic interests, and especially not large corporate interests.

Rationale: Giving priority to American interests merely confirms the cynical basis for a foreign policy of unilateral military conquest, that is, a new form of imperialism. Such a policy antagonizes our allies, who have been excluded from a meaningful role in the reconstruction effort, and arouses even greater opposition from the peoples in the region who have long experienced Western domination. The policy of granting contracts without open competition is not acceptable as it is an economic extension of unilateral military intervention.

#3  The governance of Iraq should be immediately transferred from the United States to the United Nations, with an immediate Security Council resolution to that effect. Further, the transference of power back to the Iraqi people should be made as expeditiously as possible, commensurate with United Nations implementation of this policy.

Rationale: The interests of the United States are not served by the continued occupation of Iraq. American troops are endangered, the community of Arab nations is increasingly alienated, as are our European allies; the occupation is contrary to international law; and this exacerbates and gives justification to the sentiments of those who would wish to continue attacks on the United States.

#4  Attacks on our First Amendment and Constitutional rights, embodied in recent Executive Orders, the USA Patriot Act, and related measures intended ostensibly to enhance domestic security at the expense of our freedoms, must be ended. We desire a return to a fully constitutional form of government, with an appropriate balance of powers, and with the full protection of our civil rights. The Patriot Act should be rescinded, and further attempts to extend it should be resisted.

Rationale: We have undermined the basis of our civil society with these unduly repressive measures. They are unnecessary infringements on personal liberty; they were created by and contribute to a climate of fear, and they undermine citizens’ faith in and commitment to fair and democratic government. They are not legitimized by an increased danger to our security, but do create a climate of repression, thus inciting further violence and undermining our claims to be a free and open society.

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